Bar Time Story features an original motion picture soundtrack that includes the musical stylings of Root Glen and Nicholas Rotondo.

Root Glen:

Root Glen is a New Jersey based alternative rock band known for upbeat, groove-oriented tunes, strong vocals, epic beards and life-sized bear costumes. The band is composed of guitarist Ross Griswold, drummer Eric Blank, singer/guitarist David Moroney, bassist Andres Gonzalez. The quartet has been well received across the Northeast in markets such as Philly, NYC, Boston and Washington D.C. Root Glen tracks include: Lost in the Night, Carahadras, Out of Frame.

Nicholas Rotondo: (NiRo)

Epoch Surreal
Tension On The High Grounds
Classic Cruiser
Feet On The Ground
Home to Mars
I Might Be A Loser
Jazz Shorty
The Henchman

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