BTS_posterJake is a down on his luck dreamer. When his musical aspirations fall short and life catches up with him in the form of a girlfriend with a new baby on the way, he is forced to reconsider his options and role as provider if he is to survive. When his longtime pal Dave - who seems to have his life together outwardly, offers Jake the opportunity of running his bar – the “Sound Lounge”, things are looking up.

But the daily grind of the “Sound Lounge” delivers less than expected fortune for Jake who quickly looks to other means of supplementing his income. When a shady deal goes down inside the bar, Jake is forced to come clean to Dave, enlisting his aid to get him out of a jam and save the bar.

The two embark on a journey of self reflection where friendships are tested and loyalties are called into question. As truths are revealed along the way, both are forced to embrace hard choices that will effect their lives and the lives of their loved ones for years to come.

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